ISER Volume 9 Issue 1 - Special Issue on COVID-19

Foreword by Guest Editor COL Paul F. Evangelista, PhD Paul Evangelista Modeling and Analysis in Support of Organizational Decisions During the COVID-19 Pandemic Paul Evangelista, Nicholas Clark, Matthew Dabkowski, Ian Kloo Analyzing the Manufacturing Supply Chain Performance for Urgent Item During COVID-19 Outbreak Ali Arishi, Krishna K Krishnan, Vatsal Maru Production Planning and Emergency Inventory for Demand Surge in Health Supply Chains for Pandemics like COVID-19 Amro Khaswaneh, Nagen Nagarur Workplace Assigned Mobile Communication Devices and Employee Stress Anoop A Desai, Michael Ball Safety and Health Implications of COVID-19 on the United States Construction Industry Sang D Choi, John A. Staley A Mathematical Model for In-Person Office Assignment During COVID-19 Daryl Santos