The editorial board, the reviewers, and the Society of Industrial and Systems Engineering (SISE), would like to announce the launch of the latest issue of the journal entitled Industrial and Systems Engineering Review (ISER).  In this issue, we have six (6) articles spanning the following areas: Military Operations Research, Production Economics and Decision Making, Supply Chain Management, Quality, and Ergonomics.   We hope you enjoy reading these articles and will consider submitting a manuscript to our journal in the near future.


Published: 2015-01-21

Military Resource Allocation as a Set Covering Problem

Alexander Bates, Zach Bell, Alexander Mountford, Paul Evangelista


Evaluation of Team Quality

Vettrivel Gnaneshwaran, Prasannavarada Thampi, K.G Satheesh Kumar, Ram R Bishu


Evaluation of Shoulder Stability During Forceful Arm Exertions

Kasey Cutlip, Ashish D Nimbarte, Suman Kanti Chowdhury, Majid Jaridi