Kaizen for Footprint Reduction and Process Flow Improvement at Great Plains Industries


  • Joyce Chiam Ziyi
  • Anh Kieu




Continuous Improvement, Kaizen, Footprint Reduction, Process Flow, Lean Wastes


Introduced by Masaaki Imai as Kaizen, continuous improvement has always been a vital practice in most companies. It is known to bring many benefits to management and manufacturing processes. This paper demonstrates how Kaizen was implemented at Great Plains Industries, with the primary goals of reducing workstation footprint and improving overall process flow. Achieving these goals will consequently help the company with profit generation per square foot. Moreover, as Great Plains Industries introduces new products to the market, this Kaizen event will help create space within the existing floorplan, instead of having to purchase a new facility. Several Industrial Engineering (IE) tools were utilized to analyze the problem, perform root cause analysis, as well as develop solutions. At the end of the paper, an improved cellular layout of reduced footprint, which would increase overall process efficiency and eliminate Lean wastes, will be introduced. Plan for implementation and long-term impacts will also be discussed in the paper.


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Chiam Ziyi, J., & Kieu, A. (2022). Kaizen for Footprint Reduction and Process Flow Improvement at Great Plains Industries. Industrial and Systems Engineering Review, 10(2), 95-101. https://doi.org/10.37266/ISER.2022v10i2.pp95-101