Developing Requirements to Validate Autonomous Ground Vehicle Simulations


  • Brandon Thompson
  • James Cox
  • Shae DeRosier
  • Aaron Howell
  • Jaxon Jones



Autonomous Vehicles, Simulation Validation, Virtual Testing


This project developed a methodology for assessing simulation testing of the United States’ military autonomous vehicle platforms. The authors conducted background research of autonomous vehicles and simulation to determine the best virtual testing methods that provided the strongest evidence of simulation performance. The team created a requirements list for the simulation software of autonomous vehicles to help drive the virtual test development and conducted statistical analyses, pairwise comparisons, and visual analysis tests to assess simulation data compared to data from physical test runs. The authors identified multiple methods of virtual testing that can assess the autonomous vehicle simulation for further development.


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Thompson, B., Cox, J., DeRosier, S., Howell, A., & Jones, J. (2022). Developing Requirements to Validate Autonomous Ground Vehicle Simulations. Industrial and Systems Engineering Review, 10(2), 121-126.