Design of a University Pandemic Response Decision Support System

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Demosthenes Kaloudelis
Ahmed Abdulwahab
Ayman Fatima
Zaid Yasin


The global effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how people conduct their daily lives. Institutions of higher education have been greatly impacted by these changes and must find ways to adapt to this new environment. Universities are a unique case because they must control disease spread, while maintaining the same or similar quality of education. The University Pandemic Response Decision Support System (UPRDSS) is a system designed to help universities pick the most suitable method for instruction delivery when faced with any pandemic. Using George Mason University as a case study, the goal was to design a system that allows university administrations to make an educated operations decision. The UPRDSS achieves this by simulating the spread of disease, analyzing learning outcome data, and using a multi-attribute utility function to determine the most appropriate method of instruction that enables positive learning and health outcomes.

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Kaloudelis, D., Abdulwahab, A., Fatima, A., & Yasin, Z. (2022). Design of a University Pandemic Response Decision Support System. Industrial and Systems Engineering Review, 9(2), 117-133.


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