Improving Infrastructure Budget Allocation with Lean Six Sigma


  • Justin Evenson
  • Christian Rieger
  • Cole Truex
  • Liam Wilderoter
  • Nathan Hedgecock



Lean Six Sigma, DMAIC Process, Budget Analysis


The U.S. Army’s Chemical Biological Center (CBC) is a research and development center for chemical defense that operates out of Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG), MD. Aberdeen Proving Ground is an aging installation that requires significant infrastructure maintenance and improvement. Currently, the CBC’s infrastructure sustainment process is running above budget and behind schedule. As a result of process inefficiencies, $105M of priority infrastructure projects were unfunded in FY2021. This paper uses Lean Six Sigma, a process improvement methodology, to analyze process inefficiencies within the CBC’s service order process. The paper makes a series of recommendations to reduce costs and errors in the service order process, allowing the CBC to execute more of its currently unfunded projects.


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Evenson, J., Rieger, C., Truex, C., Wilderoter, L., & Hedgecock, N. (2023). Improving Infrastructure Budget Allocation with Lean Six Sigma. Industrial and Systems Engineering Review, 11(1-2), 73-78.