Site Selection for Joint Logistics over the Shore (JLOTS) Operations Using Multi- Objective Decision Analysis

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Mike Evans
Mike Lami
Brendan Madarasz
Benjamin Smith
Chris Green


As the U.S. military faces an increasing need to deploy across a range of military operations and environments, the ability to establish and sustain logistics support remains a major challenge. The Engineer Research and Development Center is currently developing the Planning Logistics Analysis Network System (PLANS), a decision support tool, to facilitate strategic and operational logistics planning. This paper describes a site selection protocol for logistics operations occurring without a suitable port, commonly referred to as Logistics over-the Shore (LOTS) operations. The model uses multi- objective decision analysis techniques to weight different operational criteria to determine the best overall site for logistics over the shore operations. This tool will enhance the time and accuracy in determining an optimal site that meets the decision maker’s specific operational needs.

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Evans, M., Lami, M., Madarasz, B., Smith, B., & Green, C. (2016). Site Selection for Joint Logistics over the Shore (JLOTS) Operations Using Multi- Objective Decision Analysis. Industrial and Systems Engineering Review, 4(2), 88-95.


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