Published: 2016-07-16

Systematic Pedagogy to Line Balancing with EXCEL

Thomas Lovejoy-Henkel, Jimin Lee, Donna Parsons, Robert DeWitt Yearout


An Optimization Approach to Balancing Risk and Cost in Combatant Command Capability Advocacy

Savanna Whitaker, Benjamin Goirigolzarri, Summer Getty, Jesse Pietz, Joseph Wilck, Kiel Martin, Frank Mindrup


Improving the Production Process for a Medical Device Manufacturing Company using Monte Carlo Simulation

Jazmin Furtado, Taiylar Mastey, Sara Menke, Gerardo Gonzalez, Jesse Pietz, Joseph Wilck


A Methodology for Appropriate Testing When Data is Heterogeneous Using EXCEL

Nguyen Khanh, Jimin Lee, Susan Reiser, Donna Parsons, Sara Russell, Robert DeWitt Yearout