Industrial and Systems Engineering Review (ISER) is an open access journal (ISSN# 2329-0188) aimed at the advancement of industrial and systems engineering theory and practice as applied to any enterprise system. We seek to publish review articles, regular research papers containing new theoretical foundations, case studies, as well as manuscripts describing novel applications of existing techniques to new problem domains.

Vol. 10 No. 2 (2022): Industrial and Systems Engineering Review - GDRKMCC22 Special Issue

The 2022 special issue of the Industrial and Systems Engineering Review highlights top papers from the 2022 Annual General Donald R. Keith memorial capstone conference held at the United States Military Academy (USMA), West Point, NY on the 28th of April. 

Published: 2022-12-25


James Schreiner, Kenneth McDonald


Measuring the Return on Investment for AFRICOM’s African Enlisted Soldier Development Efforts III

Brenna Bluman, David Lee, Matthew McNamara, Cody Quelland, Brenden Stanton, Matthew Dabkowski


Toward Industry 4.0 in Surface Mount Technology: Smart Manufacturing in Stencil Printing Operations

Nathaniel Gee, Amanda McGraw, Daniel Hill, Lev Bregfeld, Sang Won Yoon, Daehan Won


Predicting Undergraduate RPA Training (URT) Student Performance

Eve Schoenrock, Robert Martin, Sung O, Johnathan Farmer, John Miller, Ethan Salgado, Brian Lemay


Improved Modeling of Maintenance for Future Vertical Lift

Jake Killian, Cameron Cuerruto, Christopher Hensley, Chloe Schretzman, Julian McDuffie, Andrew Bellocchio, Courtney Razon, Brandon Thompson


A Normative Methodology for Research & Development Alignment and Decision-Making in the Arctic

Aaron Duhart, Sean Eckert, Sarah Guzzo, Brooks Hosea, Lauren Stovar, James Schreiner


Developing Requirements to Validate Autonomous Ground Vehicle Simulations

Brandon Thompson, James Cox, Shae DeRosier, Aaron Howell, Jaxon Jones


Analyzing and Evaluating Alternatives for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle Powertrain

Kobie Budak, Charlton Epperson, Will Forna, Thomas Liuzzo, Benjamin Sullivan, Vikram Mittal


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