A Value Model Approach to Reduce PM Cargo’s Costs for the CH-47F Chinook Helicopter


  • Heidy Shi
  • Carlos Garcia
  • Jack Kesti
  • Christopher Lee
  • David Hughes




Value Focused Thinking, Value Model, Cost Analysis


The CH-47F is a multifaceted system incorporating a series of technological improvements that aim to improve flight crews’ performance. The new Chinook model marks a transition away from platforms with steam gauge based cockpits, federated mission systems equipment, and analog flight control augmentation systems. The aircraft has a highly integrated glass cockpit and digital flight control augmentation system reducing the crew’s workload and improving other capabilities, such as auto-hovering. This allows pilots to focus on aspects essential for mission success while operating in challenging environments. PM Cargo is responsible for maintaining the CH-47F to meet these demands, however, this has significant financial challenges to consider. PM Cargo asked us to produce courses of action that will reduce costs while also adding value to the CH-47F program. This will ensure the CH-47F, through PM Cargo’s stewardship, remains a staple of the United States Army into the future.


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Shi, H., Garcia, C., Kesti, J., Lee, C., & Hughes, D. (2019). A Value Model Approach to Reduce PM Cargo’s Costs for the CH-47F Chinook Helicopter. Industrial and Systems Engineering Review, 7(1), 16-23. https://doi.org/10.37266/ISER.2019v7i1.pp16-23