Integrating Open Source Intelligence into the Brigade Combat Team at Combat Training Centers

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Connor Binney
David Medina
John Silvers
Nicholas Steinhaus
Patrick DuBois


Open source intelligence (OSINT) is a rapidly expanding intelligence discipline in the Intelligence Community (IC), both in scope and impact to national security. US Army organizations conduct pre-deployment training and validation at combat training centers (CTC) across the full spectrum of warfare. Military intelligence professionals are tested on their ability to collect and analyze data using each of the intelligence disciplines. However, OSINT is the only intelligence discipline that is not currently graded at CTCs. Although there are various reasons why OSINT is not being sufficiently evaluated, this project focuses on the lack of defined OSINT evaluation criteria and endeavors to develop defined task, conditions, standards, and evaluation criteria for the planning and execution of OSINT operations. This project is sponsored by the Army OSINT Office (AOO) who is the proponent and capability developer for Army OSINT.

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Binney, C., Medina, D., Silvers, J., Steinhaus, N., & DuBois, P. (2021). Integrating Open Source Intelligence into the Brigade Combat Team at Combat Training Centers. Industrial and Systems Engineering Review, 8(1), 24-30.


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