Raven Eye: A Mobile Computing Solution for Site Exploitation

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Sergio R Jimenez
Ben Kline
Diana A Tsang
Steven J Henderson


Site exploitation (SE) remains a critical mission for operators on the battlefield.  Since SE is a fairly new operation in the military, soldiers face specific challenges that hinder them from conducting a successful SE operation.  This paper details the design of a system, Raven Eye, which endeavors to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of SE.  Raven Eye is an Android based system that collects, stores, and sends SE data.  Raven Eye allows operators to collect exploited site data by capturing photos, videos, and biometrics.  Operators can annotate and tag recorded items.  Lastly, the operators transform data stored and collected via Raven Eye to a standardized report that accelerates follow-on analysis by intelligence personnel.  

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Jimenez, S. R., Kline, B., Tsang, D. A., & Henderson, S. J. (2015). Raven Eye: A Mobile Computing Solution for Site Exploitation. Industrial and Systems Engineering Review, 3(2), 117-123. https://doi.org/10.37266/ISER.2015v3i2.pp117-123


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