This special issue of the Industrial and Systems Engineering Review is truly a celebration of excellence in undergraduate research.  The papers contained in this issue represent select presentations from The 2015 General Donald R. Keith Memorial Capstone Conference at West Point, an annual event that showcases the capstone projects from senior cadets within the United States Military Academy Department of Systems Engineering as well as undergraduate research projects from other Industrial and Systems Engineering programs from across many different universities.  


Published: 2015-07-19

Developing Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping Techniques for Consequence Analysis of Second and Third Order Effects

Kenneth McDonald, Derek Sanchez, Kenneth Voet, Ryan Powis, Joshua Norris, Rob Prins


Soldier Power Operational Benefit Analysis

Coree Aten, Andrew Michalowski, Maurice Williams, Cody Stamm, Paul Evangelista


Processing Updated Imagery for Use in Dismounted Mission Planning on NETT Warrior

Gene Fogh, Chris Gramling, Mitch Hansen, Ella Mason, Davie Chennault, Gregory Bew


Optimizing Humanitarian Relief Operations with Transloads

Kevin Guadagno, Kevin Saval, Quinn Van Drew, Sophia Vasiliadis, Philip Cho, Jesse Pietz


Raven Eye: A Mobile Computing Solution for Site Exploitation

Sergio R Jimenez, Ben Kline, Diana A Tsang, Steven J Henderson


Consequence Management Assessment Method Synthesis for Combatant Commands

Kenneth McDonald, Marshall Malone, Alex Fumerelle, Madison Oliver, Mack Ohlinger