A Normative Methodology for the US Army Corps of Engineers Operational Research & Development Project Selection


  • James Schreiner
  • Jacob Craig
  • Kaci Donaldson
  • Dirk Herschberger
  • Benjamin Koch
  • Maxence Sutton
  • Mark Styles




Scalable Weighted Operational R&D Decision (SWORD) Tool, Decision Analysis, Engineering Research and Development Center (ERDC), R&D, Playbook v1.0


USACE is currently without a scalable, normative decision support tool that aids districts and major subordinate commands (MSC), in the prioritization of operational Civil Works research and development (R&D) initiatives. As part of the newly designed operational R&D budget build methodology in 2022, this research develops a process to fill this void. This research presents a novel design for a decision support tool, that’s results will aid in the decision maker’s analysis of project prioritization and increase the overall value of R&D initiatives in context of MSC portfolios. The Scalable Weighted Operational R&D Decision (SWORD) Tool will build upon the current objectives outlined by ERDC in their Operational Research & Development Playbook v1.0 to ensure alignment to the new ERDC operational R&D process. Moreover, the ERDC validated SWORD Tool supports commensurate adjustments, ensuring future project portfolios continue to reflect command priorities. 


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How to Cite

Schreiner, J., Craig, J., Donaldson, K., Herschberger, D., Koch, B., Sutton, M., & Styles, M. (2023). A Normative Methodology for the US Army Corps of Engineers Operational Research & Development Project Selection . Industrial and Systems Engineering Review, 11(1-2), 21-26. https://doi.org/10.37266/ISER.2023v11i1-2.pp21-26

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