Food Security Network Modeling

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Kenneth McDonald
Joshua Akers
Forrest Bartz
Daniel Beck
Israel Castro
LTC Robert Prins


Food security creates a complex issue for American interests. Within a constantly expanding operational environment, food security remains a vital lifeline both domestically and abroad.  Current methods of mapping an area’s food system rely on ad-hoc assessments that produce skewed results and minimal metric analysis. Previous assessments methodologies failed to incorporate components of a food system that influences the overall stability of an area. The research conducted utilized the Systems Decision Process (SDP) to create a value hierarchy and model that provide an assessment for an areas food system. The findings from the research showcase that a food system relies on several variables such as infrastructure, dietary needs, and the national stability of a region. A more enhanced assessment model was developed that placed an overarching value to a food network that allows ground commanders to gain a holistic overview of the condition of an areas food system.

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McDonald, K., Akers, J., Bartz, F., Beck, D., Castro, I., & Prins, L. R. (2016). Food Security Network Modeling. Industrial and Systems Engineering Review, 4(2), 114-130.


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